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After your breakup, perhaps you might have gone on a vacation, developed new hobbies or even found someone new to spend time with. BUT once the party is over, you're sitting at home by yourself, wondering why you're still feeling sad, lonely, scared, anxious and/or angry. No matter how hard you try to suppress those feelings, it's inevitable you must face the fact that there's still this hole inside your heart that's screaming, "Look at me! I'm in pain and in need of healing."

Our specially designed retreats will take you on your healing journey by inviting you to examine your holistic self (e.g. body, mind, soul) so you can understand yourself better and Purge Yourself—let go of your(old)self—from your emotional wounds and limiting mindset. So you can move on, heal, reprogram your mind, rediscover yourself, and unlock your spiritual breakthrough.

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