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Let go of your(old)self and rediscover the inner child in you.

Fill up your 'Love Tank', love and live fearlessly again.




Coach Pav and her team of experts (e.g., mental health expert, personal trainer, sound healer) will take you on your 3-day intensive, truth bombing breakup recovery journey by inviting you to examine your holistic self (e.g., body, mind and soul) to help you reprogram your mind, purge yourself from limiting mindset and emotional wounds. So you can move on, heal, rediscover your inner child, and spiritually unlock your inner peace and wisdom.



$1,699 (plus taxes and accommodation)


Fri, Dec 8 - Sun, Dec 10, 2023


3 days


Grand Cascades Lodge at Crystal Springs Resort, Hamburg, NJ

Early bird SPECIAL $1,499 ONLY until 5/15/23

You'll learn how to:

  • Reprogram your mind and purge yourself from limiting beliefs / thoughts with proven techniques based on scientific research

  • Reclaim your show and find your voice again through a series of self-rediscovery practices

  • Let go of anxiety and retune your frequency with meditation and sound healing

  • Purge from your anger and find new source of joy through Purge Yourself Dance

  • Rebuild a positive self-image that your breakup may have damaged

  • Unlock your inner peace and power within by spiritually reconnecting with yourself and nature

LET GO of your(old) self and get to know inner child better through an interactive self-rediscovery workshop

HEAL your emotional wounds with soulful self-care rituals and uncover your new source of joy  

STOP living on autopilot, fear and anxiety and start living

REPROGRAM your mind with Purge Yourself techniques, let go of what no longer serve your highest good and craft your new beginning

UNLOCK your inner peace and wisdom with meditation, sound healing and spiritual practices 

SUPPORT and be supported by a community of those likeminded who understand you because they, too, have been there


If the answer is YES, please read on!​

Retreat RULES

We recognize your time is valuable and to optimize the experience and recovery process for you as well as others, we STRONGLY urge that you respect our community rules during the retreat

If you cannot follow the rules and don't want to invest the time and energy in yourself, this retreat is NOT for you






(during workshop)



Now, this takes a lot of courage and strength...

But just like anything worth having in life, you've gotta work for it, start somewhere...

...and believe

What's Included in the Retreat Fee ($1,695)

  • 3 Days of live workshop led by Coach Pav and a team of experts including mental health expert, personal trainer and sound healer

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner that fuel your body, mind and soul

  • Coffee, tea and snacks in-between sessions

  • Access to private Facebook group for post retreat communication and community support

  • BONUS: Moments of Reset's gift bag (additional $400+ in total value)

    Please note:

  • Accommodation for this retreat is sold separately and NOT included in the retreat fee. You are responsible to book your accommodation in a timely manner. Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email within 24-48 hours to schedule a 30-min 1:1 with Coach Pav and book your room through the hotel directly. The estimate room cost per night varies by location, room type and the time of booking. We advise that you reserve your room immediately after registration as the room prices are subject to changes and availability.

  • While you may stay for only Friday and Saturday night, for your optimal experience, we recommend at least 3-nights stay (Fri, Sat and Sun night)

  • While we're happy to provide recommendations, you'll be responsible for transportation to/from the retreat location

  • Please refer to FAQs for our comprehensive policies related to Refund, Cancellation, Covid-19 protocol and more.

What's in the Gift Bag?

  • One signed copy of Coach Pav's Purge Yourself book

  • One Moments of Reset's Relationship Funeral Kit

  • One Moments of Let That Sh!t Go Kit

  • $150 Complementary FREE gift voucher for YOU on your next retreat or course at

  • $150 Complementary FREE gift voucher for YOUR FRIEND/FAMILY on their next retreat or course at

  • $30 Complementary FREE GIFT voucher for your next purchase at

  • $404.89 in total value

Preview Schedule:
This is a preliminary guideline and are subject to changes. You'll receive a finalized schedule two weeks prior to the event start date

Friday, Aug 4 , 2023 -- Getting to know YOU

10am-noon - Registration/Meet & Greet; continental breakfast served

noon-2pm - Lunch and learn

2pm-6pm - Workshop

6pm-8pm - Dinner


Saturday, Aug 5, 20223 -- Purge Yourself

8am-9am - Breakfast

9am-10am - Sacred morning ritual

10am-11am - Purge Yourself dance

11am-noon - Workshop

noon-2pm - Lunch and learn

2pm-6pm - Workshop

6pm-8pm - Dinner

8pm-9pm - Meet your soul


Sunday, Aug 6, 2023 -- Breakthrough

8am-9am - Breakfast

9am-10am - Sacred morning ritual

10am-11am - Purge Yourself dance

11am-noon - Workshop

noon-2pm - Lunch and learn

2pm-6pm - Workshop

6pm-8pm - New Beginning dinner celebration

About Grand Cascades Lodge
at Crystal Springs Resort

Luxury meets nature; close to NYC

Location: Hamburg, NJ ~ 1 hr 10 mins from Midtown Manhattan

Hotel's Booking Website: Booking

Hotel Rating: World class resort with AAA Four-Diamond Rating

Price: Room starting at $469/night

Features: Perched along the Appalachian Mountain Range with three world-class golf courses. Home to Restaurant Latour, one of NJ's finest. Giant Tropical Biosphere Pool Complex.


Hurry! Until 5/15/23 ONLY


USD $1,499


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