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Hi! I'm Pav Lertjitbanjong

Hi gorgeous, I'm Pav, your go-to guide for transformation and empowerment! As a Divorce Coach and Financial Empowerment advocate, I'm here to help you navigate through the challenges of divorce while unlocking your true potential for financial success and personal growth.

My journey began with heartbreak and setbacks, just like you, but the power of resilience, financial literacy (thanks to my MBA in finance), and the magic of manifestation. It was through this journey that I discovered the strength within me to rebuild my life, this time as a self-made millionaire, not relying on any man but myself.

But my story doesn't end there. I believe in the power of holistic healing and transformation. As an "unconventional Buddhist" and spiritual seeker, I've explored powerful practices that combine scientific research with spiritual principles. Through this blend, I've developed a roadmap that encompasses self-care, self-love, emotional healing, and financial empowerment.

My passion lies in empowering women like you to embrace your inner Smart Lazy Millionaire. Together, we'll rewrite your money story and build a solid financial foundation. Beyond just finances, we'll delve into personal growth, mindset shifts, and nurturing a strong sense of self-love and worth.

Think of me as your confidante, your cheerleader, and your ally in this journey to embrace your Millionaire Diva within. It's time to break free from limitations and step into a world of financial empowerment and holistic well-being.


Imagine a life where you feel confident, self-assured, and in control of your financial destiny. We'll explore practical tips and actionable steps and infused with mindset shifts. It's all about transforming your mindset and unleashing your true potential to create a life filled with wealth and happiness.

Once upon a time

... there is a Pav

So, who am I to tell you what steps you need to take to your path to wealth and happiness?
It's a fair question.
Let me back up a little bit so you can get to know me better.

At the age of 19, after recovering from a peptic ulcer that kept me in pain for years, I dropped out of college in Bangkok, Thailand,
leaving my sheltered life behind. I had a one-way ticket to New York City and no plans to look back. Finally, my life was going to begin!
While my newly found freedom tasted oh-so-good, as a young, naïve Thai girl, my humble beginning in the Big Apple resembled anything BUT what I'd seen on "Sex and the City." 
Even though English wasn't my first language, I was well-versed in reading people's expressions and undertones. So, without understanding exactly why, I knew a stranger's cry of "Chinky, go home!" when he saw me on the street wasn't welcoming.
This event unnerved me. How could my simple existence cause such hatred in the heart of someone who didn't even know me?

Still determined to make it in the city, I struggled to find affordable housing, moving from one sublet apartment to another. Sometimes I ended up on a friend's couch, which looked like a suite at the Ritz.
I then got back on my feet only to date a man I later found out was already married. I spent too much time homeless, not knowing where I would sleep at night. During those early days in New York, I was as broke as I was broken.
And still, I stayed. Amidst all the chaos and turmoil, I knew I was destined for a life of love, happiness, comfort, and, most importantly, stability.
The holiday seasons were the hardest. I watched families and lovers with envious eyes as they reunited and celebrated. Meanwhile, I was all by myself binge eating Ramen noodles in my tiny little shoebox, hiding from the world. I refused to go back to Thailand until I was able to prove to all the naysayers who had insulted me about dropping out of college that I could make it on my own here.


I met my ex-husband a few years after moving to New York. He was everything I'd dreamed of—good-hearted, handsome, established, well-mannered. He talked me into going back to school. So, I did it to make him proud. He proposed soon after my MBA graduation, and I said "yes!"
I thought I had it all—a big, beautiful home, a thriving career in Silicon Valley, and the security of a good man to come home to at night. I was living my version of the American Dream I'd heard so much about.


Fast forward to a few years later, and this American Dream was no longer mine. I found myself living behind my husband's shadow instead of walking through life alongside him. His accomplishments and dreams were at the forefront of our marriage, not ours, not at all mine. That realization slowly ate away the vibrant woman who had been living inside me. After I suffered a miscarriage, we grew even further apart as we'd been battling his alcoholic addiction. Divorce was inevitable. I decided to walk away from my marriage because there's no price tag for my happiness and sanity.


It took me over two decades, a boatload of tears, and countless heartbreaks to finally understand that I don't need the security of a man (or anyone!) to be happy. I am complete, strong, and capable of standing on my own. The hole I'd always felt inside my heart could only be filled by ME, not a man. I now recognize that all the adventures, struggles, pain, and suffering I've been through have been leading to this moment, this life. 


I'm writing this bio from my new suburban home, living as the head (and only) member of my childless household. This was never my dream. It was so far from my goal that I had never even considered this as a potential reality.

And yet, to my surprise, I am genuinely happy, carefree, purposeful, and at peace. I've built financial security by working at a company out of Silicon Valley for the last ten years. I'm surrounded by love from my friends and family. I finally recognize my purpose as a divorce coach, helping others navigate the scary and isolating path of recovering from a breakup or divorce. I've been able to help my clients heal and gain the courage to transition into their new normals with confidence.

This is my new beginning, and I'm ready to greet it with open arms.

Are you ready to discover your new beginning?

Let's get started!

With Love,


I'd love hear from you!

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