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Are you going through a divorce and frustrated that the CONVERSATIONS ARE GOING IN CIRCLES?

Are you dealing with a DIFFICULT (EX)SPOUSE and want to find a better way to get your voice heard?
Do you want to better communicate your needs and thoughts to get what you need. STAY SANE. SAVE TIME, MONEY AND ENERGY?

This book is for you to help you make the best possible decisions and navigate through divorce in PEACE

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In The Book, You Will Learn How To:

  • Spot common types of (ex)spouses and effective communication strategies to get your voice heard so you can get what you need in divorce.

  • Better manage your emotions by knowing your hot buttons and emotional triggers so you can stay focused and as little stress and drama as possible.

  • Apply the right communication tactics to navigate through difficult conversations.

  • Effectively make decisions that are in your best interest, no matter how you are feeling emotionally or how difficult these decisions are for you to make.

  • Negotiate like a pro. These proven tactics can help you whether you’re negotiating for the actual divorce settlement or other mundane stuff.

  • Navigate through divorce with more confidence and peace of mind using simple yet super effective tactics to shift your mindset to that of a ‘Winner.’

About This Book:

After reading this book, you will be able to stay focused on what matters most to you, increase the odds of getting what you need and want in a divorce, and eventually close this chapter of your life with your integrity and sanity intact.


As a Divorce Coach, I am a professionally trained divorce expert. I provide support and guidance for people going through a divorce to help them avoid common pitfalls and make the best possible decisions for their future based on their individual needs, concerns, and goals in peace. While I feel humbled and honored to be someone’s trusted thinking partner in times of chaos and difficulties, having the front row seat to the end of someone’s marriage is never pleasant and is often heartbreaking.


A divorce is delicate, and any small missteps can quickly cause adverse ripple effects. As a Data Scientist to various top Fortune 500 firms for almost two decades, I learned first-hand how crucial analytical thinking and effective communication are in making sound decisions. They can be great assets, not just in business but also in life, especially during emotionally trying times such as divorce.

While divorce is personal, there’s also a business side of divorce. Matters related to finances, co-parenting, decision making, and negotiation all need to be handled professionally and with the utmost care. Analytical thinking helps you see things more holistically with an unbiased eye, while effective communication helps you get your points across more clearly and objectively.




My hope for this book is to share my experience and extensive training I have cultivated over time in divorce coaching and data science to provide you with actionable frameworks, strategies, and tactics that will help you confidently navigate through your situation drama-free and with as few disruptions as possible. I want you to make the best possible decisions and thrive through divorce and beyond.



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Now Available

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