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Have you ever wondered what your life purpose is?


Have you ever thought what it's like to get a career do-over?


Have you ever heard voices inside that you are meant to be doing something for the greater good, but you're not sure what it is?


Have you ever been jealous of those who (you think) "Have It All"?


Have you ever wanted to start living your authentic life but you're not sure how to?

2-Month Intensive Career reDiscovery 360 Program


Spanning across 4 unique segments (sixteen 30-minute sessions) to help you uncover your passions and translate them into actionable tactics toward a career path. We will meet, typically through Zoom*, twice per week (two 30-minute sessions) or one per week (one 60-minute session).


*  In person meeting currently not available due to Covid-19

Among some of the many valuable things you will LEARN from this program:

  • Clarity on your goal(s) in life and career

  • Better understanding of self, which ultimately leads to happiness and confidence

  • Exposure to various career options that you may not even know exist or possible

  • Clear assessment of your strengths, weaknesses and core values

  • Actionable plan and guidance along the way to kick start your dream career

  • Emotional support from a compassionate, knowledgeable and committed coach whose

       focus is to enable you to succeed in your career as well as in life

What you will GET from this program:

  • One 30-minute coaching session bi-weekly for 8 weeks (16 sessions)

  • Access to MAPP career assessment test and results

  • Digital career coaching exercises to help you uncover your career passions, strengths and areas of improvements, navigate career change, identify and keep track of your goals​

  • Ongoing support via email throughout the length of the program.

  • Written summary at the end of each session on goal(s) we have been working toward and milestones in order to hold both of us accountable and ensure we are making positive progresses together

  • 1 on 1 assistance in providing you with essential job hunt tools including:

    • Resume editing / writing

    • Cover letter

    • Personal branding strategy 

    • Networking strategy

    • Elevator pitch

    • Interview coaching

    • and More!

(Disclaimer: As you coach, I can help individuals uncover his/her passions, what s/he should do for a living, motivate and provide directions to help him/her move closer toward the goals. I am not a healthcare professional, a financial advisor nor an attorney. I am not qualified to work with individuals with substance addiction and/or mental health issues and/or those who need legal aids).


Segment#1 – Assessing You (1-2 week)

We will spend our first couple sessions over the span of 1-2 weeks to assess your current situation. Before we can begin to set goals and craft out actionable plans toward achieving these goals, we need to better understand and discover who you really are as a person (e.g. what inspire or motive you, what you love or hate doing). Through our coaching exercises we will deep dive into the following areas:

  • Uncovering skills, interests, personality, level of education, strengths, weakness, opportunities and passions through a series of coaching exercises and MAPP assessment tool

  • Identifying and addressing any root causes of your discontentment and impacts it has on your personal as well as professional life.

  • Potential roadblocks that prevent you from realizing your full potential

  • Identifying any negative habits and or thoughts that do not serve you

This is also an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other and form trust. This is because trust is one of the essential keys in order for the program to work.

Together, we will craft a list of attainable goals that you can work toward the program and beyond.

Segment#2 – Renewing Life (2 weeks)

Truly impactful changes start from the heart. Once the heart opens up and welcome new positive experience and thoughts, it will eventually manifest into our physical bodies as well as environments. That is when the world becomes your oyster! We will work together to instill new positive outlooks and productive habits that will serve as a foundation in shifting their mindset to positivity. Throughout this segment, we will focus on the followings:

  • Through a series of coaching exercises, I will provide you with the tools in helping remove old habits and thoughts that no longer positively serve you

  • Reprograming the mind into positive outlooks through guided mediation

  • Setting mini self-improvement milestones to boost a sense of pride from achieving goals.


Segment#3 – Generating Ideas (1-2 weeks)

There are limitless number of career options out there. It can get really confusing and easily overwhelmed, especially for someone who is already unsure of your path. While many may prefer traditional corporate roles (e.g. finance, marketing, management, IT, lawyers), some may choose to opt for unconventional work such as startup entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, uber drivers or professional organizers. However, not all options may be suitable for your skills, education, circumstance and/or interests. Through the course of 2 weeks, our primary focuses will be:

  • Based on the results of our assessment from Segment#1, I’ll work with you to narrow down the possible and viable options.

  • I will guide you to see the different pros/cons and for each career paths of choices. It is important to keep open-minded here since some paths you may not be familiar with or even think it was possible may open up.

  • Once we decide on the path you would like to take, we will work together to translate this path into actionable tasks to help you move closer toward this path.

Segment#4 – Take Actions (3-4 weeks) 

This is where the fun begins! Now that you have a better understanding of yourself (e.g. interests, passions, strengths, weaknesses, skills), we will take the learnings and experiences from our first three segments into actions! This is certainly an exciting and super rewarding journey. However, it will also require patience, determination and full-time commitment from you. In order to get you closer to success, I will provide the following supports:

  • Creating online and offline personal branding (e.g. social media and elevator pitch)

  • Online and offline networking strategies to help him/her ease back into professional and social settings and effectively generate job opportunities

  • Working with you to craft out professional resume and cover letter

  • Identifying target companies

  • Providing guidance on job application process (e.g. online applications, interviews)             

Continuity (Optional – not included in the Discovery360 program )


By the time you complete my signature 4-Segment program, you should be well equipped with the knowledge, skills, tools and courage to pursue your dream career and start living authentic life. While some people may have unparalleled self-discipline and go on to build successful careers on their own, some may need a little nudge, on-going motivation and structure to keep them on track.

Continuity is essential to success. If you are interest in retaining me for the ongoing career coaching, please mention during Month-2 of the program.


By then, you should be able to start seeing the positive results from the program in which will help you gauge the level of ongoing support that you may need and make the right choice for yourself. From there, we can work together to tailor personalized plan to ensure the ongoing success of your career.

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Program Pricing:
A one-time payment of

Please note: 

The price is subject to change at any time without notice.

All sales are final, non-refundable and non-transferable.

MyCoachPav and Pav Lertjitbanjong reserve the full rights to terminate any service at any point in time for any reason.

 In this case, customer will be refunded in full price paid

through the original payment method.

Not convinced yet?

That's ok! Book a FREE 30-min consultation with me here and we can discuss whether us working together may be a good fit for your situation and how I can help you discover your dream career and work toward a path to get you to where you want to be.

Looking forward to talking to you soon and hopefully, helping you land your dream job!

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