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Pav Lertjitbanjong (aka. Coach Pav)
CertifiedDivorce and Breakup Recovery Coach


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REPROGRAM your mind.
HEAL from your past breakup and UNLOCK your spiritual breakthrough.
Love and live fearlessly again

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in Psychology Research


Reprogram your mind, heal and unlock your spiritual breakthrough





Purge Yourself: The Guide That Transforms Your Heartache, Fear, Loneliness and Anxiety into Courage, Peace and Freedom
   WARNING!!! Possible side effects: You'll begin to heal from inside out and your ex WILL regret losing you.

Hi! This is Coach Pav

I'm a believer of true love on a mission to heal broken hearts. Inspired by my Data Science training and lessons learned from my godfather, a Buddhist monk, I'm passionate about deriving solutions through scientific research and spirituality. I’ve developed a roadmap backed by science and a series of powerful spiritual practices to help you practice a form of self-care and analysis on yourself, heal emotional wounds, transform your life, love and live fearlessly again!

Like you, I'm an ordinary person who has experienced the highs and lows in life. Heartbreaks and pain have taught me many valuable lessons about becoming resilient and learning to thrive amidst setbacks. Every heartbreak has helped expand my limitless capacity to love and given me the wisdom and courage to do more, be more, and help others along the way to heal and recover from their heartbreaks.

Thank you so much for all your support, reviews, recommendations and words of encouragement. Are you ready to heal?


Purge Yourself is Coach Pav's newest addition in which takes you on YOUR breakup recovery and healing journey. In this book Pav invites you to examine your life, habits, thoughts and surroundings and take the essential step of purging what isn’t serving your highest good to end your heartbreak, fear, anger and anxiety once and for all! Available through Amazon and its affiliates.

No matter where you are in your breakup recovery and healing journey--to stay OR to go, letting go, or dating again--there's a course for you! These courses are not only goal oriented, but also help you to better understand yourself and gain life-changing insights so you can unlock the challenges you've been facing. Checkout my current courses and enroll today

Need help navigating through the breakup/divorce process? Whether it be the business side (e.g. decision making, budgeting, effective communication) or the spiritual side of things (letting go, healing, self-rediscovery), Coach Pav is here for you.
*Due to extremely limited availability, there're only a few spots left for 1:1 Coaching with Pav. 

For three intensive days, Coach Pav and a team of experts--e.g. a relationship therapist, personal trainer, stylist, sound healer--takes you on a powerful journey that gets to the core of what it takes for you to heal your broken heart holistically--body, mind and soul--and transform your breakup into your spiritual breakthrough, your new beginning. 

Moments of Reset is a mindful gifting company that offers unique (unconventional at times) and empowering self-care, aromatherapy and wellness products that fuel the mind, body, and soul for you and your loved ones. Our mission is to spread love, joy and healing messages through our products that are carefully crafted, curated and made with love.




To free someone or something of an unwanted quality, condition, or feeling


By purging these noises, you are not only giving yourself permission for a fresh start but also setting a positive intention into God or (for many of you) the universe to welcome goodness back into your heart and life.

Moments of Reset's

Give a gift of "Letting Go"

We traditionally hold funerals for our loved ones when they die to mourn and honor them. Why not do the same thing for your relationship? Throwing a funeral for the death of your relationship can help you work through your feelings and honor them, regardless of its ending. This will help give you some closure as the funeral symbolizes the end of things and welcome the new beginnings. 



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