Is a Divorce Coach Right for Me?

So... you've just got served!? In the middle of divorce? Contemplating it? Overwhelmed by Paperwork Gathering, Difficult Spousal Communication, Conflicting Options, lifestyle adjustment or Emotional Rollercoaster? Don't know where to start?

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Your trusted thinking partner, fierce supporter and compassionate guide who helps you navigate through unknown territories pre/during/post divorce.

  • As a Divorce coach, I fill in the gap between your therapist and legal team. While I'm neither one of those, I guide you through non-legal issues (e.g. budgeting, communication, decision making, lifestyle transitioning) and walk with you through paths/options so you make the best possible decisions pre/post divorce.

  • Divorce process is overwhelming and intimidating. I help  streamline and simplify paperwork gathering process and better manage your emotions so you are organized and moving forward.

  • I also help you navigate through uncharted territories and lifestyle adjustments and even dating!

  • I prep you to be a better client for your lawyer by coming prepared with your thoughts, goals and decisions and emotionally ready. Your lawyer can better focus on solving your legal issues and YOU potentially save money. A WIN-WIN on both sides.

Navigating through divorce as drama and stress free as possible. Making the best possible decisions. Potentially saving  you money, time and energy.

  • When you are guided, you will be better organized for the divorce process, get clearer with decisions, communicate more effectively with your spouse, lawyer and others.

  • I help you rehearse and prep for challenging conversations so you can anticipate more civil, productive and time-saving discussions.

  • My coaching is designed to help you boost confidence and find your voice again as a single person, so you are on your way to living your best life!

  • By keeping you accountable, you can feel that things are moving along

  • You get to KEEP YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY by not bombarding them with the divorce talks. They may already be wonderful supporters but as a professional I can give you a diverse view that you may otherwise not have gotten fully.

I am a professionally trained Certified Divorce Coach and have been in and helped many people in your shoes to successfully and confidently transition.

  • As a trained Divorce Coach, you can count on me to honor your confidentiality and understand what it takes to provide solid guidance while maintaining the professional boundary.

  • As a Data Scientist, I am an analytical thinker. This means that working with me, you can expect measurable results + unbiased views + improved communication to get you as close to your goals as possible

  • I am well-networked and understand how important it is, especially for high net worth clients, to maintain an uninterrupted and discrete lifestyle. Divorce takes a village. I can help you form your divorce dream team so you can navigate through this chapter in life effortlessly and as stress free as possible.

  • I am super positive and funny! Need I say more? :)







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