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7 Steps to STOP Thinking about Your Ex NOW

No one enjoys going through a breakup. Whether you initiated the split or your partner ended the relationship, the feelings of hurt, anger and loneliness can be difficult to overcome. It's natural to reminisce about the time you spent with your ex, but you need to stop thinking about them before you can move on. So how can you get your ex out of your head?

Remember the Negatives

It's easy to think back and remember the good things about your ex -- the cute things they did, the compliments they paid you and the fun times you had together. Try to keep in mind their faults and acknowledge their bad characteristics so that you aren't missing a perfect version of your ex.

Burn Your Bridges

Don't attempt to be "just friends" while you're still getting over your ex. It's impossible to stop thinking about someone you still see and talk to, so cut off all contact for at least a few months after your breakup. Your heart and mind will heal quicker once they're out of your life.

Unfollow Them on Social Media

Even if you aren't actively searching for your ex on social media, they'll keep popping into your head if they're appearing on your news feed every day. If you don't want to block them completely, then unsubscribe so you don't have to see their updates. This will allow you to socialize online without unwelcome reminders of your relationship.

Stop Talking About It

Of course you need to tell people about your breakup and vent to friends about your feelings, but don't let this behavior go on forever. After you've spent some time processing what happened, try to avoid talking about your ex too much. Tell stories about funny things that happened with friends, not with your old flame, and you'll heal much faster.

Sort Out Any Responsibilities

If you've got a joint bank account or belongings left at your ex's house, sort these things out as soon as possible. It'll be much easier to put your ex out of your mind once you've settled any responsibilities you have to them, and there won't be any lingering reminders of your relationship left to upset you.

Don't Wallow

It's natural to spend some time wallowing at home, crying or simply avoiding the outside world for a while. But don't let this become a habit. Get yourself out and about to stop the endless cycle of thoughts about your ex; see a friend, do some exercise or get involved in a new hobby. It'll be harder to reminisce when you're busy doing something you enjoy.

Forgive Yourself

Whether you were broken up with or you did the breaking up, you'll probably blame yourself for something about the relationship. By letting yourself come to peace with your behavior in the relationship, you'll be able to let go of lingering thoughts about your ex with ease.

Your life as a single person can be fulfilling and exciting, but you need to stop thinking about your ex first. These tips will help you move on and leave any thoughts about your old partner in the past.

About Pav:

Pav Lertjitbanjong is a true love believer on a mission to heal broken hearts. Inspired by her Data Science training and lessons learned from her godfather, a Buddhist monk, Pav’s passionate about deriving solutions through scientific research and spirituality. She has developed a roadmap backed by science and a series of powerful spiritual practices to help you practice a form of self-care and analysis on yourself, heal emotional wounds, transform your life, love and live fearlessly again!

As a Certified Divorce Coach (Coach Pav), Pav also enjoys writing and vlogging as outlets to share lessons she’s learned to help people–men, women and LGBTQIA+ community–navigate through #MomentsOfReset in love and life.


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