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I will listen to you with an Innocent and Compassionate Ear


I will be Honest, Direct, Authentic and Unfiltered

I will guide you with an Unbiased and Analytical Eye


I will honor your Confidentiality with care


I am your Trusted Thinking Partner and Fierce Supporter


I am your Calm in the Chaos


My Coaching Style: What you can expect from coaching with me:

  • Honesty ALWAYS.

  • An innocent ear: each of our coaching session is a sacred, judgement-free zone for you to freely share your deepest thoughts, struggles and dreams. 

  • I am committed to empowering you with insights and tools to identify and translate your goals into the path towards reality.

  • Actionable recommendations that will help you get closer to achieving your goals.

  • A Balanced of logic-based thinking and mindfulness/spirituality.

  • Trackable milestones that will hold both of us accountable, ensure we are making positive progresses together, help you build confidence on your accomplishments thus far and motivate you to keep pushing for your goals.

  • This is your life! While my aim is to provide you necessary tools that enable you toward our agreeable goal(s) as quickly and confidently as possible, ultimately, you have the control over your life and the pace of our interactions.

  • As your coach, I will be one of your biggest cheerleaders. However, in order to help you realize your goals and overcome obstacles, I must, at times, also be your harsh critic. I am here to help YOU move your life forward, not to sweet talk you to a false sense of pride.  

  • Serious when needed. Otherwise, positive and funny!

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