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Let Go of Your Past, Reconnect with Yourself and Manifest Your New Beginning



2 hours

Date (LIVE)


Time (LIVE)

8:00pm - 10.30PM ET

About the Course

We traditionally hold funerals for our loved ones when they die to mourn and honor them. Why not do the same thing for your relationship? Throwing a funeral for the death of your relationship can help you work through your feelings and honor them, regardless of its ending. This will help give you some closure, let go of your ex and release of what no longer serves you as the funeral symbolizes the end of things and welcome the new beginnings.

PERFECT FOR: Anyone who is going through/has gone through a breakup / divorce and wants to break free from the past and get ready for the new beginning.


"After your breakup, perhaps you might have gone on a vacation, developed new hobbies or even found someone new to spend time with. BUT once the party is over, you're sitting at home by yourself, wondering why you're still feeling sad, lonely, scared, anxious and/or angry.


No matter how hard you try to suppress those feelings, it's inevitable you must face the fact that there's still this hole inside your heart that's screaming, "Look at me! I'm in pain and in need of healing."

Coach Pav

What You'll Learn:


Relationship Funeral

In this intensive, emotionally liberating 2-hour session, Coach Pav will lead you and other participants to perform the Relationship Funeral ceremony to help you symbolically detach yourself from your past. As you go through the process of holding a funeral for your relationship, you’ll start feeling a weight lift off your shoulders bit by bit as you properly say goodbye to the "Ghost" of your past.


Cord Cutting Mediation

We automatically form an energetic cord, whenever we enter into a relationship of any kinds. This cord serves as a connection to help us better understand each other. While the positive cord allows the relationship to flourish, the negative one that no longer serves us energetically drain us, holding us back and causing emotional imbalance and depression. In this session, you'll learn how to cut this invisible cord and free yourself from your breakup, rebalance your energy and regain control over your life.


Full Moon Manifestation Activation

According to research, moon cycle has many impacts on earth and humans; among those are our moods as we become more sensitive during full moon*. For hundreds of years, full moon is believed to be the most magical time because it's when the moon is the most potent and closer to earth. Harnessing the power of full moon, it's an amazing time to release anything that no longer serves you. In this workshop, we will perform the sacred moon ritual to activate and reconnect with our spiritual selves through the sacred full moon water making ritual, self-reflection practices, manifesting mediation and embrace our new beginnings together

Are You Ready to Heal?

  • You're tired of living on autopilot and in fear, anxiety and grief

  • You want to find your voice again and reclaim yourself

  • Your heart is broken into pieces, but don't know how to piece them back together

  • You're scared of change and unknown

  • You still feel lonely inside no matter what you do, where you go or who you're with?

  • You're ready to let go of your past and heal emotional wounds

​If you said "YES" to one of the above, you're READY TO HEAL.

Read On...


2 Hours LIVE Group Workshop

Coach Pav'll guide you through Relationship Funeral, Cord Cutting Meditation and Full Moon Ritual, specifically designed to help you process through your grief, let go, reconnect with your inner self, kickstart your healing process and embrace the new beginning

Post Workshop Updates/Support

  • Access to private Facebook group for post workshop communication and community support from those who've gone through what you've gone through

  • Coach Pav's weekly update on breakup recovery and healing tips and Moment of Reset's exclusive offers


  • One copy of eBook - Purge Yourself: The Breakup Recovery Guide 

  • $20 Coupon for YOU to spend on any courses/ retreats at

  • $20 Coupon for YOUR FRIEND to spend on any courses/ retreats at



Your Relationship Funeral Director

Coach Pav

Pav Lertjitbanjong is on a mission to help heal broken hearts. She believes this world is full of wonders and is an advocate for true love and happiness. Inspired by her Data Scientist training and decades of lessons learned from her godfather, a Buddhist monk, Pav’s passionate about deriving solutions through scientific research and self-reflection. Through a series of powerful practices she's developed, Pav invites you to practice a form of self-care and analysis on yourself, heal emotional wounds, transform and reclaim your voice, love and live fearlessly again!

As a Certified Divorce Coach, Pav enjoys writing and vlogging as outlets to share lessons she’s learned to help people–men, women and LGBTQIA+ community–navigate through #MomentsOfReset in love and life.

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