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THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS for taking the first step!

Divorce is a messy, emotionally trying and complicated process. Based on your result from our quick assessment, you may be benefited from working with a divorce coach.

  • Divorce coach is often a key to an amicable divorce. As a divorce coach, I can help you communicate more effectively with your (ex) spouse and keep the communication channel moving forward, keeping things civil and as little stress as possible.

  • I can help walk you down the paths/options so you can be more confident in making decisions

  • I am your fierce supporter who has your best interest in mind. I have your back!

  • I am your thinking partner who can help shift your perspective by helping you better understand other's perspective.

  • Through our sessions you will eventually develop clarity, confidence and courage and better and stay in the process with your eyes wide open, so they won’t be blindsided by the unexpected,

  • I help you navigate through the uncharted territories e.g. researching new insurances, connecting you to professionals like realtors, childcare CPA, advising on lifestyle adjustments, moving on, healing and even dating.

  • With my help, you will better prepared for more productive meetings with Your Lawyer and Those Involved and potentially Save You Money, Time and/or Energy!

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