I walked away from my divorce with nothing but the million-dollar lessons.


I learned from it (so you don't have to)

and turned my life around.

My MISSION is to help you

make the best possible decisions

so you can love and live fearlessly

by adopting practical analytical frameworks

that work for many top Fortune500

with mindfulness to everyday decision-making.

Coach Pav


Why You Should Talk to Me?

You are my priority

I treat every client's case as my own and enter Divorce Coaching with these goals in mind:

  • Empower you to make the best possible decisions by serving as a sounding board as we crystalize your goals, priorities and strategies and helping you explore different paths/options.

  • Reduce conflicts, stress and drama as much as possible through effective communication

  • Boost your confidence and get you ready so that you can move forward with confidence and minimal disruption

  • Advocate for an amicable divorce, if possible

  • Help you take ownership of your behavior and transition to be the architect of your own life

A highly qualified Certified Divorce Coach who is 'professionally qualified' to help you

I received my training in negotiation, conflict resolutions, communication and finance through my MBA at Kellogg School of Management - Northwestern University, I am also double certified in Divorce Coaching and Divorce Transition and Recovery at the College of Divorce Coaching - an intensive certification training approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the US, CA and UK governments; the gold standard of divorce coaching industry.

Measurable results and unbiased views

As a data scientist, I'd been trained to unbiasly Listen, Observe, Understand and Ingest information from many sources and transform them into strategies and actionable plans. Each of our coaching session is not completed without reviewing "Current Wins, Goals and Next Steps". Divorce can be messy and emotionally trying, even for the best of us. I will help you unleash your 'Analytical Brain' and directly apply it to your divorce so you can shift your mindset, see the situation more clearly and unbiasly and make the best possible decisions.

An expert understands the process; a friend who understands you

Divorce can be a very lonely place. It's easy to find someone to empathize, but hard to find someone who understands what you're going through unless they've been in your shoes before. Of course each person's situation is unique. But all I had experienced during/after my divorce - emotional rollercoaster, logistic challenges, sleepless nights and most of the possible human emotions - made me stronger and more grateful today. If I could lift myself up quickly and be a better for it as well as many others, I could help you get there too.

How I Became a Divorce Coach:

My Left Brain Career

While I enjoyed a successful career in Analytical Marketing, deep down, I had always felt there was such a void in my heart that was yet to be fulfilled. My 15+ years corporate career allowed me to exercise my left brain to make lasting impacts at various Fortune500 companies. Still, it worried me that I would spend the rest of my life coding and drop dead in my office without making any 'real' impact to the world and people around me. 

Combining My Left and Right Brain

Prior to becoming a Divorce Coach, I had already been helping my friends and families going through their divorces, not knowing that such profession exists! At times, I felt like such a fraud because I was not even content with my own marriage. Yet I found joy and a new passion in helping people communicate more effectively with their (ex)spouses, attorneys and other divorce professionals, better organize and re-adjust their new lifestyles, heal and build back confidence for their next life chapters.

Transitioning into Divorce Coaching

Not until after my own divorce experience had I truly understood the level of patience, sorrow, anger, frustration, bitterness, sneakiness, resilience and perseverance one had to endure as a result. I am forever a changed woman, for the better. While my divorce eventually turned out amicable, it was not without the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE.. I let my emotion take over me and decided to walk away with Nothing barely in exchange for my freedom and sanity (or what was left of it at the time).

If only I could time-machined back to the divorce process and knew divorce coaches exist, I'd definitely hire one. But clearly, I can't. Therefore I am making it my life mission to help clients like you to not be another Pav.

My journey in discovering my passion in coaching may be unintentional and rather painful, but it is in my every intention to keep on honing my skills as a coach to help as many people, men and women, in distress as I can.

If you find yourself feeling...

  • stuck, wondering how/what to decide on things

  • frustrated that things don't move forward fast enough

  • overwhelmed by all the to dos and not sure what's next

  • wondering whether the decisions you already made was right

  • sad and/or angry that all your hope and dreams in marriage are turning into a divorce

it's OK. Please know that we are human and it's natural to feel the way you feel when going through such life changing event.

What matters is how you deal with these feelings/issues going forward

Do you just simply avoid them and live life on an autopilot OR worse yet, make a rash decision that could potentially cost you and loved ones for a long time? OR would you rather deal with them as stress-free, drama-free as possible, so you can move forward and be on the path of healing and living your best life?

It's OK to invest in yourself and seek help

I am a living proof that the deadly sins of divorce e.g. making rash decision, letting emotion gets the best of you in divorce are real and VERY expensive. Don't be me and regret your decision for the next 10, 20 years, just because it felt GOOD at the time.

With hard work, effective communication, strategic thinking and a little bit of patience, I will help you navigate through this chapter of your life as painlessly as possible and confidently move on to the next hopefully best one! The journey to your best life starts HERE