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As a Certified Divorce Coach, I am a professionally trained divorce expert. I provide support and guidance for people going through divorce to help them better handle non-legal side of divorce, avoid common pitfalls and make the best possible decisions for their future based on their unique situations and need.

Think of me as your trusted thinking partner and fierce supporter, someone to help you navigate through the unknown territories pre/during/post-divorce, explore your paths and options, and guide you through the overwhelming divorce process so you can move forward with your new life in peace with confidence and as stress free and drama free as possible.


What can a divorce HELP YOU WITH?


  • EXPLORE OPTIONS: Walk you through different paths, implications and options (to STAY or to LEAVE) before/after talking to your attorneyors,

  • GET ORGANIZED: Simplify complicated paperwork gathering process

  • FINANCIAL CLARITY: Budget for your new normal and future

  • YOUR DIVORCE TEAM: Connect you to your divorce dream team e.g., financial advisor, attorney, CPA, realtor

  • COMMUNICATION PLAN: Build a plan to break the news to your spouse, children, family and friends

 CPAs and realtors


  • DECISION SUPPORT: Help support your decisions making, avoiding common pitfalls and feeling blindsided

  • TIME&MONEY SAVING: You come prepared with thoughts, goals and priorities, so your lawyer can better focus on solving your legal issues, potentially saving you time and money. 

  • MINIMIZE IMPACT ON CHILDREN:  Explore coparenting options and help you find common grounds with your spouse

  • REDUCE CONFLICTS: Prepare you for challenging conversations with your spouse so you can anticipate more civil and productive discussions.

  • EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: Manage and mitigate reactions and responses; avoid making emotional decisions; self-care


  • LIFESTYLE ADJUSTMENT: Explore options e.g., insurance, living arrangement, career, meal plans, nannies

  • EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: Your sounding board and venue to vent so you can keep your friends and family sane without bombarding them with heavily emotional conversions all the time 

  • COPARENTING IN PEACE: Plan effective communication that reduces impact on your children

  • CONFIDENCE BOOST: Rediscover your passion, find your voice again and build back your confidence

  • HEAL AND LET GO: Move on with your life, heal emotional wounds, let go and forgive, navigate through dating/finding love again (if you wish).

"I walked away from my divorce with nothing but the million-dollar lessons.


I learned from it (so you don't have to."


navigate through your divorce in peace and make the best possible decisions so you can love and live fearlessly again

Pav Lertjitbanjong

According to the "American Bar Association", Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns. 

The process



Book your FREE complementary 30-min discovery call to discuss where you are in your divorce journey, what kind of support you need and whether divorce coaching is right for you



Select the coaching package that's suitable for your needs



I'll follow up with you through email with coaching agreement and "getting to know you" form to help us better define your goals and needs. Please complete the form and email me back at



Book the time that works for you to kickstart our first coaching session

w/in 48 hours each session, you'll receive a follow up email/text to summarize key takeaways from prior session and check in on progress and how you are

If you find yourself feeling...

  • stuck, wondering if you're making the right decision and how it'll impact you and your family years to come

  • frustrated that things don't move forward as quickly enough

  • overwhelmed by all the to dos 

  • sad and angry that all your hope and dreams in marriage are turning into a divorce

it's OK. Please know that we are human and it's natural to feel the way you feel when going through such life changing event.

What matters is how you deal with them today and tomorrow

Do you just simply avoid them and live life on an autopilot OR worse yet, make a rash decision that could potentially cost you and loved ones for a long time? OR would you rather deal with them as stress-free, drama-free as possible, so you can move forward and be on the path of healing and living your best life?

It's OK to invest in yourself and seek help

With effective communication, strategic thinking and a little bit of patience, together, we can navigate through this chapter of your life as painlessly as possible and confidently move on to the next hopefully best one! The journey to your best life starts here. 



An expert understands the process; a friend who understands you


  • Empower you to make the best possible decisions by serving as a sounding board as we crystalize your goals, priorities, and options

  • Reduce conflicts, stress and drama as much as possible through effective communication

  • Advocate for an amicable divorce, whenever possible


  • Double certified in Divorce Coaching and Divorce Transition & Recovery at the College of Divorce Coaching

  • Highly trained in negotiation, conflict resolutions, communication and finance; MBA from Kellogg School of Management - Northwestern University 


As a data scientist, I've been trained to Listen, Observe, Understand and Ingest data without biases and transform them into strategies and actionable plans. Each of our coaching session is not completed without reviewing "Progresses, Goals and Next Steps". 

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